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[Osaka Show] 2017 From Early Sep. Late Dec. From Late Dec. 2018 Mid-Feb. Mid-Feb. to date of the show May 7(Mon) - May 8 (Tue) May 9(Wed) - May 11 (Fri) [Tokyo Show] 2017 From End of Mar. 2018 Early July From Early July Early Sep. Early Sep. to date of the show Dec. 3(Mon) - Dec. 4(Tue) Dec. 5(Wed) - Dec. 7(Fri)
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Booth location will be allocated to exhibitors on a first-come-first-served basis.

Special Discount
(exclusive to Osaka Show)

Special discount available for Highly-functional Material Week 2017 (Apr., Tokyo) exhibitors. Please contact us for the details.

"Exhibitors Website" will allow exhibitors to make various preparations for the show. Browsing the Exhibitor Manual and submission of required forms can be made through the website.

Exhibitors Website Opens

Submitting your company/products information onto the Exhibitors Website will allow Show Management to list and post the information on printed and online show materials.

Submit your Company/Products Information
Distribution of Invitation Tickets

Show Management will provide Invitation Tickets in order for exhibitors to promote their presence at the show. In addition to promotion by Show Management, exhibitors are advised to distribute invitation tickets using their own database to attract as many as existing and new customers.

Setting Appointments with Visitors

In order to have concrete business meetings on-site, exhibitors are advised to set appointments with customers in advance. The appointment system of the "Exhibitor Directory" is available to aid advance appointment making between visitors and exhibitors.

Move-in & Booth Construction Show Period
  • If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

    We will send you the following
    materials for free.

    • -List of previous exhibitors
    • -Updated Floor Plan
    • -Cost Estimation
    • -Rental Display Packages
    • etc.
    Exhibiting Information Request

    Feel free to contact us